Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Kids say the darnest things at the darnest times.

What a day.

Right now I stay home on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday's with our 2 beautiful little girls, 5 and 8 and soon it will be full time. Now, I'm kind of new to the realm of raising children and it has taken a lot of energy focusing on them and learning how to do this. We home school (yes, new at that too) and today, while in the middle of doing school work with the girls, cooking a roast and replacing the guts of a broken toilet, grandma and grandpa came by to visit (I forgot they were coming today).

These are the parents of Michelle's ex-husband and they don't really know much of anything except that Michelle and their son are recently divorced. What I mean by this is, they don't know Michelle is gay, she has a partner, we are moving soon so Michelle can finish up seminary. The house is a mess, somewhat empty and we just started to take wallpaper off the walls. Over the weekend we had a garage/estate sale, sold most of the big items in the house to make way for the smaller items we will need when we move in August, we are moving from a 3,000 sq. ft. home into a 563 sq. ft. on campus. Nice and cozy! :)

So, they walk in the house, I say hi, they say hi and then she looked into the kitchen, where the wallpaper is partially off on one side of the room, another wall is naked because we just stripped it and there is no more furniture in there anymore, because we sold it. So, I'm sure this raised some questions, which I learned very quickly she is fast at whipping out the questions.

Is she moving? Did she sell the house? Where is she moving?

Oh my word, on the spot, no way out of it. I answered. So, now the woman is about to faint. She goes in to the living room and has a seat. I'm standing there wondering what I should do. I decide to allow grandma and grandpa time with their grand babies, in other words........hide. :)

After the questioning I received in the foyer, I was afraid. Very afraid. Afraid that she may interrogate me more if I hung out with them in the living room . While in the bedroom, texting Michelle the events that were unfolding, I kept thinking, wow this is awkward for all of us.I wonder who these folks think I am? This could get even more awkward if they are briefed by the girls about all the things that are changing in our lives, like having another mommy.

Now, we have not sat down yet and talked to these girls about us, but they are smart, they know and they are doing great with all of it. Many folks say they have never seen these girls this happy. That's comforting.

So, after some other strange events, she calls for me. She asked me if I would have Michelle call her, she had a few questions for her. As we turn to walk opposite ways, I hear this little voice say what I kept hoping she would NOT say....................

"Mommy". "Mommy". The grandmother laughed and asked her who she was talking to. Again the little one said "Mommy" and ran to me. By now the little one and I are in the bedroom talking and all I kept thinking "I can only imagine what this woman may be thinking."

That visit had to have been a lot for her.

Later on this evening, the girls come in from playing outside with a neighbor friend, who is 5 and they are talking about what they will name their kids when they have them. I contributed some different names to this conversation and the little girl asked me if I had children. Our 8 year old speaks up, very excited and says...............................

"Yeah, Stephanie lives here, she is moving with us, she is our step mother and she married my Mom", all in one breath.

There are complications when you are still partially in the closet, but rest assure, kids will always help you out with them.


Wormwood's Doxy said...

Okay---this was almost a month ago. What's happened since?!?!?!?


Stephanie said...


Well, in regard to the grandparents......I'm still not sure.

We decided to leave the gay thing alone for now. They never asked and we figured they are having a hard enough time with the idea of their grand babies moving soon for awhile. Maybe another day.

As for the rest of our lives, well most of our lives, I just publised a new post about what has been going on with us in the last 30 days.

I hope this answer gives you breath again. ;)