Wednesday, July 23, 2008

A very brief description of our first family vacation.....

It was absolutely incredible, in so many ways! I wish I had time to give all the details, but I have a lot of boxes calling my name and a few walls that are calling for some paint. We will be moving within the week and we have two weeks worth of work to do. So for now, I will just share 8 out of the 226 pictures we took.

The amazing cottage we stayed at, full loaded with all a
family could need. These guys didn't miss anything.

The amazing cottage at sunset.

Just a peek in to the living room and kitchen.

Wonderful sunsets on the beach across from our cabin.

God showing off in his incredible skies.

A storm on the move and...............a tree.

My culinary skills.
The kids loved it and that's all that matters and
yes, that is two pieces of bacon hair and an egg gotee.

The amazing cabin, beach, water and fabulous sunsets were just a FEW things we were blessed with in our 10 days of vacationing. Family week was packed with activities, events and making new friends with other GLBT families. I see God's hand and God's love moving in such a mighty way in the glbt community. I plan to share more later, but for now, packing and painting await me!

Be blessed!

Sunday, July 6, 2008

It's time to move forward.

It's time to move forward. Wow, I mean that in so many more ways than just one. Inside I feel as if I am moving forward and moving on from despair, grief, heartache and confusion. I feel reconciled. Even more now than six months ago. I don't feel like there are anymore homosexuality and God questions to have answered. I have peace. It's time, time to move on, press on, pack my bags, move out of the closet, pressing in and getting down to my Father's business. On that note, there is still much to do........

As one of the last times we will be spending some time together for awhile, me, Michelle, the girls, my Mother, Brother and second cousin, who is like a niece to me, will spend the day at Six Flags riding the rides that make you feel young again or just sick. Then Wed. we will be off to Michigan for 10 vacation, me, Michelle and the girls! Our first family vacation and perhaps even our last one for awhile.

I know, Michigan may seem to be a strange place to go on vacation, however they are having diversity family days in a small, charming town which sits along the beautiful shore of Lake Michigan. I'm looking forward to it. Prior to living here in good ole' Missouri, AKA Missoura, I lived in Michigan for 15 years, so it will be good to visit with a few friends and dive in to all the planned activities with the kids throughout the week.

Then when we come home, we will continue on with the adventure of painting, sorting, packing and cleaning in between taking the girls to horse camps, softball and tee ball practices and games, all to be done, completed and come to an end by July 31st. That is the day we move. Seminary, here we come. A new city, a new home, new faces, a new church and new opportunities.

There is much to do and of course, we don't have as much done as I would like us too. Michelle, being the more calmer one, assures me that we will get everything done by the 31st. I'm skeptical......but always hopeful.

I'm really excited about the upcoming changes in our lives. I see some wonderful opportunities coming up around the corner. Do I know what they are? No, not so much. But it's ok, I feel it. Do you ever just feel when God is about to do some stuff? Yeah, it's exciting.

It has been an amazing journey thus far. Just to watch the way things have come together the way they have amazes me. The most recent event has been the decision to sell the house or rent it. Now we all know the housing market isn't that fabulous right now and with that being the case, we decided to rent the house for now. Bare with me for a moment, because I'm going to talk about a few of our animals only because they tie hand and hand. We have two older dogs, a lab and a husky that we have needed to find homes for. We have been running out of options (good options) and we were becoming concerned. Until it happened. Some good folks who have a big family needed a big house to rent and said it would be fine for the two dogs to stay with the house.

Wow! I thought....."Who does that? " as I smile and thank the Lord.

Anyway, things have been coming together without a push and we are on our way.

However, for the time being, with much to do and very little time to do it, I won't be posting anything for awhile......I don't think. ;) However, I will still be visiting my favorite places, dropping a line or two to you. When things settle down, I'm sure I will have much to say. Until then, I ask that you pray for us as we take another step forward in this awesome journey with God.

Be blessed and.........May your cup be so full that love overflows from you on to the person.