Friday, June 20, 2008


I'm feeling all weepy and emotional today. No, it's not what some of you may be thinking, I think it has been building up for the last month. There have been some touchy and sensitive conversations, some very tender and emotional conversations and some very tough conversations going on and I keep thinking about the folks that I have bumped in to along the way int he blog world.

My thoughts are towards those who are fighting the good fight with love, compassion, sincerity and without ulterior or personal motives. It's about the folks who are genuinely encouraging others, building them up and relentlessly challenging all of us to think a little differently about people, beliefs and life than we did before. My thoughts are about those who are willing to come outside the box, outside the walls, outside of themselves to truly minster to others. You will fight the unjust and you will fight for justice. You are not afraid to stand up or perhaps at times, you are, but you still stand.

To you all, I am grateful. I have been touched by your stories, your passion, your love, your wisdom and your encouragement. I have been blessed and touched by many things that you have said and shared.

Here are just a few of the folks I have been thinking about....................

My entire blog roll and then some. (And I truly mean that.)

(Anita, Lindsey, Kelli, Christian, Christi, Bon, Joni, C, C, Jon and more.)

You take a risk in putting yourself, your thoughts, your lives out there for the whole world to see each time you write. I really appreciate all of you and I thank you.

In short.........YOU ROCK!


Anonymous said...

What a caring post! You seem to have such a tender and encouraging spirit! I know I have certainly taken encouragement and hope away after visiting here. So thank YOU!

Anonymous said...

Steph, Girl you ROCK!!! In reading your comments on my blog and other's I have come to respect you as a person and count you as a friend. You too build up and fight the good fight. You are about love and compassion. So let me say again, Sisterfriend, YOU ROCK!!!!

Hidden in Christ said...

you are too sweet!

and guess what? YOU ROCK TOO!!!

Anonymous said...

Hey there - great post!

flayed Hypatia said...

Wow, Steph, thanks.

You rock, too!

Like Kelli said, I see you all as my friends, too, and you and pretty much all of those who you listed are hugely encouraging to me, too. If it weren't for the support, who knows where I'd be?

Thanks so very much for your kindness, openness, and dedication.

Without you guys, I doubt I'd have what it takes to risk openness so often, and I bet everyone else you listed would have something similar to say.

So may God bless your socks off today, since you did a number on mine!