Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Replace lies with truth.

To you,

Has someone told that you were ugly, a failure, you weren't wanted, you were an accident, that you wouldn't add up to anything or that God didn't love you? Maybe someone made you feel that you weren't good enough or something was wrong with you because you look a little different than others, that you had no value, that you were sick because you are gay or some other reason.


They were wrong.

They lied.

You don't have to believe those lies any longer.

Throw them away.

Spit them out.

You are an amazing person.


An incredible gift.

You may not see that now.

Hang on.

You will.

Maybe you don't see any point in pushing through anymore.

Don't let go.

You are too precious.

Don't let them win.

You are too precious.

I know this is tough. It's hard and it hurts like hell.

Keep fighting. Keep pushing through.

You are worth it.

It will be ok. You will find freedom.

You are wonderful.

You are loved.

You are adored.

You are cherished.

Take back those truths that were once stolen from.

Believe them.
Receive them.
Rest in them.

Whether you have been sexually abused, verbally abused, mentally abused, spiritually abused or physically abused, these words were written for you.

I hope you chase after and find healing, rest, freedom and peace.


Anonymous said...

this is a great post. i will be sure to pass it along to my girlfriend who is struggling with depression.

Stephanie said...

Hey there pinkchocolatesunshine-

Thanks for stopping by.

I'm glad you enjoyed the post. I hope your friend finds some encouragement in it.

Your friend can check out too. Perhaps she will find some encouragement there too.

Take care!

budh.aaah said...

Thank you Stephanie..