Monday, May 19, 2008

Two questions

1.) What does "love one another" look like to you?

2.) What does "love thy neighbor" look like to you?


Lindsey K said...

I hardly feel that I can answer these in less than twenty pages. :)

But #1 looks like a marriage to me. You learn to live with faults and give when you feel wanting and sometimes call to account even when you worry it could cost you everything.

#2 looks different, because we aren't bound to our neighbors the way we are to each other. That looks more like Grandma. You know, the way grandma could applaud anything. The way she always tells you how wonderful she thinks you are, and does those little things that make you feel so incredibly important. I've had the privilege of having real life neighbors who would share their cookies and always walk over to say hi when they noticed I was outside.

If every Christian were that way, the world would be a different place.

Anonymous said...

Well, I would start from a similar place in answering both of those. Love means giving, putting the other before self, thinking the best about, hoping the best for...
just my simple start on that...

wvhillcountry said...

1.) What does "love one another" look like to you? It is the ability and the need to meet people where they are at. It is the desire to Love all of God's children no matter if I agree with them or not. It is me being able to realize that I don't know everything and my assumptions may be as wrong as their's are. It is the ability to love the person even when they hurt you or scream scriptures at you. It is the ability to say I love you because God loves you and mean it.

2.) What does "love thy neighbor" look like to you? It means I give to others the same respect and consideration that I ask for myself.

Hidden in Christ said...

i'm so glad you bought the book! i was hoping just one person would read it because i can't stop blabbing about it!

anyway, i love this blog and here are my answers:

1. love one another to me is always putting someone else's needs above my own. providing for those who can't provide for themselves for whatever reason. caring for those in need. the poor, the oppressed, the widowed and orphaned. loving one another is loving every single person on the planet with the sacrificial unconditional love of Christ, regardless of what we get out of it. simply loving. loving with action and not just words. seeing others with Jesus' eyes. and yes, i like what lindsey said about marriage!

2. very similar to me, though different as well. our neighbor is anyone in need, like in the story of the good samaritan. neighbor seems more intentional. i like the story about how Jesus answered when asked "who is my neighbor?" it looks like this: being like Christ in every situation possible. love love love. without regard for anything else. love.

M54 said...

1. Love one another.

Loving one another is completely external. Not looking to one's self but to another's well being (in all ways). Giving your very life for another if necessary. When "another" is about to step in on the proverbial "land mine" love them in such a way as to say "that proverbial land mine will likely criple you."

2. Love thy neighbor.

Refer to number one. We are all neighbors.

The Alpha and the Omega only has two distinctions. Him first. Neighbor second.