Wednesday, May 7, 2008


I cannot even begin to express how much comfort, encouragement and support I have found in my reconciliation journey through

If you haven't been here yet and you are attempting to reconcile your faith with your sexuality, go there. It is a safe place where you find Anita, an amazing, wonderfully gifted woman of God, who offers so much comfort, wisdom, support and encouragement. You will also find others who can relate and who share their stories.

Recently she has encouraged folks to take a 4 day challenge. A challenge that has helped me find a greater peace and freedom than I have ever had before.

Again, it's

Go there, get encouraged. GO and be blessed.


Anonymous said...

SO TRUE! I am so glad that I have been able to follow Anita through the years through site changes and name changes. What an oasis in the desert sisterfriends is and has been!

Christian Beyer said...

Sorry. Tag you're it!

Ric Booth said...

I am so thankful for Christians like Anita who are reaching out to an entire community. I pray for the day all Christians come together ... as in we are all one in Christ Jesus.